Must be seasonally appropriate:
      *exception: school uniform items*
    Spring sale = spring/summer clothing
    Fall sale = fall/winter clothing. 
Only clothing for babies, children and/or teens will be accepted.  SIZES newborn - Child XL 14/16

* Organize your items by gender and size for drop-off.
1-All Clothing MUST BE CLEAN.  Launder if needed.
2-Make sure all items are free of holes, stains, pet hair, smoke odors, broken zippers, or missing buttons.  Make sure they  are seasonal and not worn beyond normal "wear and tear".  Keep in mind ironed/wrinkle free items sell better.
3-All  clothing  items must be on hangers.  Hangers should point to the  LEFT (as shown below). Fasten pants along the TOP of the hanger.
4-Infant onesies can be grouped together and placed in Ziploc bags.  Please make sure to seal your Ziploc bags with packing tape!  Items in sealable plastic bags must have the price card affixed to the OUTSIDE of the bag.
5-Use SAFETY PINS or tagging gun to securely fasten tags to the clothing/hanger.  Do not use tape or straight pins.  If the tag falls off, the item cannot be sold. If using a tagging gun, you must use the small 1" fastener.  Safety pins are preferred and work best.
6-Please take care in fastening safety pins in a location that will not damage your clothing.  This is most important with tagging guns.  They can cause holes if not secured at a seam.
7-Make sure to securely attach 2 or 3-piece outfits together and label them as such.

*ATTACHING PANTS:  Please secure pants along the top of a left facing hanger (click here to watch our tutorial video) unless using a clip hanger.  This will show your item better and keep the pants from sliding on the hanger.

Baby Gear: 
This is high chairs, exercise saucers, entertainers etc.  Please make sure they are CLEAN, have batteries if they are required and are in good condition.  Be sure to clean all surfaces: fabric, plastic, vinyl and wheels.
We will accept SIZES 0-child  5
1-Shoes should be clean and in good condition.  A magic eraser works great to clean up scuff marks. 
2-Tie  shoe laces together to keep shoes in pairs.  Use ribbon or zip ties to keep shoes together.
3-Tags can be placed around the laces, through eyelet holes, inside the shoe or taped to the outside of bags.

1-All toys should be clean and in working condition with all necessary parts included.
2-Any toys that have been outside need to be well cleaned and should be free of dust/dirt/mud.
3-Battery operated toys must work.  Replace batteries if needed.  If your toy does not work, it will be removed from the sale.
4-Pin or tape tags securely to toys.  Do not put tag inside bag.  Packing tape is great for taping tags onto items.
5- Use ziploc bags and packing tape to help secure small pieces to the item.

1-Books can be individually sold, or bundled together in ziploc bags, or bundled with ribbon/string.
2-Place tag on outside of the bag.
3-Books need to be age appropriate.

We accept CLEAN, gently used cribs, bassinets and mattresses.  We do not accept drop side cribs.

Pack and Plays:
We recommend you set these items up for display at the sale.  They sell much better this way.  Include all parts and set-up guides/manuals with them.  All necessary parts must be included.

Car Seats/Boosters:
Yes, we accept car seats!  However, we do NOT accept car seats that have been recalled, in an accident or older than 7 year
*You are required to complete a
Car Seat/Booster Waiver.  This must be COMPLETELY filled out and brought with the seat at drop-off. 
*All seats should be clean and in good condition!  Take the time to WASH your cover and clean the straps.
INDICATE on the tag if you want your item to go half-price during our half-price sale. 
(Any item NOT checked will automatically go half-price.)

IMPORTANT!!  Items without a tag or missing a tag will NOT be sold.  These items will be placed on a table across from check-out on Saturday.  Please check this table for any of your items.
Any recalled items (please check recalls by calling the Consumer Product Safety Commisson at 1-800-638-2772 or visit